In this episode, Ryan Goodwin is joined by a very special guest, Brody King, Salt Lake City local proprietor of Restore Cryotherapy.

You will learn about how cryotherapy, a treatment that involves the use of freezing or near-freezing temperatures, can help reduce inflammation, pain, aid with your metabolic response, and even boost your mood. Listen to this episode to discover why this cold treatment (as low as -270 degrees), is so hot right now.

Biohack tip of the week: If you want to try cryotherapy at home, try taking a cold shower or if that's too bone-chilling, try ending the last 30 seconds of your shower with cold. Remember: Always end with cold. 

Make sure to take a screenshot of the episode and share it on social media. Also, make sure to tag Ryan Goodwin @mrryangoodwin and tell him how your simple hacks are going.

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